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Resolute in the face of fear, he continued though the vortex.
He finally reached the heart of the vortex; a small chamber containing what resembled some kind of portal at the far end.
Before he could take a step forward, the violet electricity he had seen earlier spun around the the chamber twice and then flashed into darkness before him.
The darkness soon consolidated into the shape of a cloaked figure.
He stood fast, watching it careful. Just as it did to him.
He could tell it was judging him, peering deep into his very soul.

After what felt like an eternity, it spoke.

"Come with me."

Without hesitation, he stepped forward and made his way to the portal.
Right before he reached it, the Phantom deftly took hold of him and flew them both though.

They emerged on the other side to find a world unlike any he had ever seen. Vibrant colors and shades he never knew existed filled his every view, and each one spoke to him. Each one a revelation. It was as though his mind and vision had always been obscured. And now, he was finally seeing beyond the veil. He looked at the Phantom and also knew without words, what It was and why It had brought him here.


Pushed through a hole
Tear into space
Follow the Phantom to different planes
It's not the first time you've traveled somewhere
Time to find out why you transported here

Flash awake
A different realm awaits
I see it there, beyond the Veil

Life is a fleeting dream...
Filled with great mystery...

Open your eye, to this new atmosphere
Take in the vibes, there's so much to hear
A new way to help the human race
Once I pass into this different space

Flash awake
A different realm awaits
I see it there, beyond the Veil



from Prisms of Light and Last Words, released February 25, 2017



all rights reserved


The Illustrative Violet Riverside, California

The Illustrative Violet - create music of an interesting nature. Something of a blend of high-caliber musicianship and aggressive/sentimental, heavy/psychedelic, intellectual/poetic, ethereal "rock" instrumentation

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