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Eons passed as he floated through the cosmos...
And as time fell into obscurity, everything he knew began to fade into the mists of his mind,
Until thought itself had be become foreign to him.

His humanity was all but lost.

However, one thing remained.
Something that radiated from within, like a beacon's light on a moonless night.

A fire, that would not be extinguished...

Then, one day... after having floated through the darkness of deep space for so long... something flashed brilliantly across his mind like a bolt of lightning, igniting his long-dormant consciousness along with it.
He was disoriented, slipping in and out of different states of awareness.
But then... he saw it
He saw what had flashed so brilliantly in his mind, awakening it from stasis.

A pair of rainbow colored eyes..
Luminous, Iridescent and Beautiful, filled his view with gorgeous hues of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and every color in-between.

He was entranced. Spellbound.

And as he felt himself being drawn in further, the colors slowly began to swirl and morph to take the shape of vast, surreal and lush landscapes.

Suddenly he began to remember something... something he had once known but had long since forgotten...


Meet me by the cave, that's what I told you
And with my my heart ablaze
I knew you would find me

A rainbow widow
Rainbow... Window

Your gaze takes me away...
When I hold it
Can you feel the tide pulling me in?
To your ocean.....

Swam past the lake
Nowhere to be found...
Walked through the maze, with no one else around
To find us underground
Is where you said you'd be
And if those Rainbow Eyes don't show
It must be a dream....

Then there we were underwater...
And we didn't need to breath
Then those eyes flashed just like lightning
I don't care if it's surreal

Rainbow... Widow
Rainbow... Windows


from Prisms of Light and Last Words, released February 25, 2017



all rights reserved


The Illustrative Violet Riverside, California

The Illustrative Violet - create music of an interesting nature. Something of a blend of high-caliber musicianship and aggressive/sentimental, heavy/psychedelic, intellectual/poetic, ethereal "rock" instrumentation

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